History of amaNdwandwe

History of the Ndwandwe Tribe

The Ndwandwe nation's although not much is known. It's HISTORY became Much known with Zwide KaLanga. Ndwandwe nation is related to Swatis ( Ngwane house). Their first leader was
Langa (Mkhatswa 1)
Langa 2
Zwide Ka Langa.

Amandwandwe lived from place to place until they reached Uphongolo, Ngome and KwaNongoma which became their capital city, until Mfecane wars caused their dispersion. Some survivors were absorbed into today's Zulu nation.

Amandwandwe finally defeat was in Mhlatuze River in 1818, when 5 of Zwide's sons perished in the battlefields fighting the emerging Zulu nation. uShaka akashasheyeke, son of king Senzangakhona led Soshangane kaNxumalo a war General of Zwide Mkhatswa to flee into Mozambique with the remainder of the surviving Ndwandwes to establish himself in Mozambique province of Gaza where Dlamini 1 (King Matalatala) was born. While picking pieces of history and attach them, the truth is that Ndwandwes are related to Ngwanes (Dlaminis). Their most known history begins with uLanga 2 son of Uxaba a brother of Ngwane 2 (Somhlolo) who is known to have lived in Phongolo to later return back into Swatiland, while langa 2 went and settled in Magudu mountains where his life ended,Leaving his son Zwide Ka Langa in Magudu mountains, Ndwandwes and swatis holiest place where all their kings are buried .

Sochangaane kaNxumalo was a Ndwandwe warrior and a general from yindlu encane of Ndwandwes, a brother to Mavuso Ka langa. it was after Zwide got killed in the wars of Mfecane when Sochangane kaNxumalo crossed into Mozambique with his followers who became known as Amasoshangaan (Amashangaani) as they roamed in the lands of tembes in Maputo or Kampfumo and built a Gasa Empire Amongst Tsonga people where Dlamini 1 (King Matalatala) was previously born. Ndwandwes nations grew up enormously with king Zwide Kalanga, when Swatiland was ruled by King Sobhuza the first (Somhlolo =Ngwane 4).

Under the leadership of Zwide Ka Langa Ndwandwes were the most feared and Ntombazi Zwide's mother had the rainmaking powers. That didn't stop the rising Zulu nation in killing Zwide Kalanga including his mother for her own atrocities. which led many other generals to flee in different region. Zwangendaba kaHlatshwayo headed for Malawi after discords with Sochangaane ka Nxumayo in Mozambique and his followers went through northern Mozambique and Zimbabwe around Fipa Plateau in what is today known as Zambia. Other groups went into Tanzania in Emaphupheni. These groups of Ndwandwes lost their languages except amongst royal families including elders who refer to their place of origin as Kzn.

The place where today everyone is classified Zulu and people's short memories cannot recollect what happened to those who went beyond borders, but only what remains is isithakazelo and isibongo. When Zwangendaba died in 1848, succession disputes split the group into 5 groups that moved in different directions again into Malawi to be become known
1~Amajeres Or jeres in Zambia under paramount chief Mpenzeni.
2~ jeres in Mzimba Malawi they are under paramount chief M’Mbelwa
3~ Masekos in Dedza under paramount chief Kachindamoto
4~ Masekos of Ncheu under paramount chief NGomani
5 ~Masekos of Cholo under paramount chief Vumbwe.

Source: Facebook page of Muntu Budula Mathe Mabaso ..accessed 3 September 2017

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